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Tailor Here partners with Aviniti for #OurStoryIsOne

Tailor Here has joined with Aviniti, a clothing brand emphasizing style and purpose in its products, to create a limited edition shirt in remembrance of the ten Iranian Bahá’í women who fearlessly stood for their beliefs 40 years ago.

“When I was five years old, my paternal grandmother suffered a stroke upon learning that her brother, along with his wife and daughter, had been executed by hanging in Iran after spending months in a cramped, dirty prison cell where they were interrogated relentlessly, intimidated and pressured to recant their faith,” said Raha Dixon, Tailor Here’s CEO who is also a passionate advocate for human rights.

News came out that 10 Bahá’í women were hanged to death. The others were forced to watch until it was their turn.

“Forty years after these ten women stood for their beliefs, we commemorate their spirits and honor their memories. We designed a shirt in partnership with Aviniti to support #OurStoryIsOne campaign,” Dixon added.

#OurStoryIsOne Commemorative Shirt
#OurStoryIsOne Commemorative Shirt

The shirt features portraits of the 10 Baháʼí women of Shiraz: 

  • Mona Mahmoudnejad, 17;
  • Roya Eshraghi, 23, executed along with her mother;
  • Simin Saberi, 24;
  • Shahin (Shirin) Dalvand, 25;
  • Akhtar Sabet, 25;
  • Mahshid Niroumand, 28;
  • Zarrin Moghimi-Abyaneh, 29;
  • Tahereh Arjomandi Siyavashi, 30. Her husband, Jamshid Siavashi, was executed two days earlier;
  • Nosrat Ghufrani Yaldaie, 46. Her son, Bahram Yaldaie, was executed two days earlier;
  • Ezzat-Janami Eshraghi, 57, along with her daughter Roya, 23. Her husband, Enayatullah Eshraghi was executed two days earlier.

By clicking here and ordering this commemorative shirt, you not only pay tribute to these inspiring women, but you also contribute to championing gender equality and justice for Iranian women.

All the profits will go directly to the Persia Educational Foundation and the Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre.

These organizations provide educational opportunities, legal assistance, documentation, advocacy, and awareness for Iranian women who face discrimination, violence, and persecution. 

We hope you will join us in this campaign and spread the word. You can order your shirt by clicking here. It is a small gesture, but it can make a big difference. Thank you for reading this far. And thank you for your kindness.

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